Voters to select preseason awards, conference rankings

Beginning this week, voters in the College Football Student Media Poll will vote on preseason awards at both a conference-wide and national level. Similar awards will also be voted upon at the conclusion of the 2021 college football season.

Voters from each conference will vote on their own awards, including MVP, Top Offensive Player and Top Transfer, among others. The first round of awards will be from voters who attend schools in the Big Ten Conference, followed by the other conferences in July and finally national awards prior to the season.

Alongside awards will be the consensus conference rankings, with voters ranking the teams in each division or conference from top to bottom. The average rankings will be published as the official conference preseason poll.

The national awards will be accompanied by the preseason Top 25, which will be subsequently updated each week of the season. The preseason and weekly Top 25 polls will follow a similar structure to the conference preseason polls, being an average of all voters’ rankings.

More updates will be made available in the coming weeks on and on


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