FB Week 10: Georgia unanimous No. 1, Purdue enters poll

Georgia is the second unanimous No. 1 team in SMP College Football Poll history following a resounding victory over Missouri. No. 4 Alabama was previously a unanimous No. 1 near the beginning of this season.

Purdue has made its first appearance in the SMP football poll after its second victory over a top-ten team this season. The Boilermakers won both games as unranked teams.

Following the release of the controversial College Football Playoff poll, the SMP saw no changes from last Sunday’s top five ranking. A projected playoff would have No. 1 Georgia play No. 4 Oklahoma and No. 2 Cincinnati play No. 3 Alabama in the semi finals.

135 Georgia8759-0 (7-0)
2Cincinnati8099-0 (5-0)
3Alabama7918-1 (5-1)
4Oklahoma7589-0 (6-0)
5Ohio State7448-1 (6-0)
6Oregon7278-1 (5-1)+1
7Notre Dame6328-1+1
8Michigan6158-1 (5-1)+2
9Michigan State6088-1 (5-1)-3
10Texas A&M5567-2 (4-2)+3
11Oklahoma State5468-1 (5-1)
12Mississippi4687-2 (3-2)+3
13Wake Forest4088-1 (5-0)-4
14UTSA3719-0 (5-0)+2
16Auburn2536-3 (3-2)-4
17Iowa2387-2 (4-2)+2
18Houston2178-1 (6-0)+2
19Baylor2117-2 (4-2)-5
20NC State2027-2 (4-1)+5
21Coastal Carolina1608-1 (4-1)
22Pitt1517-2 (4-1)
23Wisconsin1386-3 (4-2)NR
24Purdue1016-3 (4-2)NR
25Louisiana938-1 (6-0)NR

Dropped out: Kentucky (17), SMU (T-23), Penn State (T-23), Minnesota (T-25)

Receiving Votes: Penn State (87), San Diego State (87), Arkansas (29), SMU (25), Appalachian State (25), Kentucky (24), Fresno State (9), Utah (8), Nevada (8), Iowa State (6), Clemson (5), Mississippi State (5), Utah State (5), Arizona State (4), TCU (4), Virginia (3), Florida (2), Miami (FL) (1), LSU (1), Kansas State (1)


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