J.J. Post – The Observer, One Foot Down, Bucky’s Fifth Quarter

J.J. Post is a junior at Notre Dame, hailing from Mountainside, New Jersey. Writing for ND’s student newspaper The Observer, and SB Nation sites OneFootDown.com and Buckys5thQuarter.com. J.J. also has a self-described “an on-and-off, open relationship” with The Daily Cardinal, the student paper he wrote at during his days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, prior to transferring to Notre Dame. When not discussing college football, J.J. can be found screaming in the stands of various New Jersey sports stadiums and passionately ranting about college soccer.

He has served on the SMP Board since January 2022.

Fun facts: J.J. is the (self-proclaimed) best spikeball player on the Jersey Shore. There is no official evidence to support or discredit this statement.

Twitter: @JayJayPost

Stories: https://www.buckys5thquarter.com/2021/4/19/22392594/wisconsin-badgers-womens-soccer-iowa-hawkeyes-big-ten-ncaa-tournament-bubble



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